Fiction Writing Saga Post #1

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Disclaimers! because, yea. notice this is a #1 post, which means it's the first of many in an ongoing series of posts. to set the pace proper, here are some rules you must accept. 

First: i will be using lower case and there will be typos. if you know me, you know that i would never ever Ever allow for this type of grammatical misbehavior, but it's about to get real. when i spend a ton of time editing and rewriting these blog posts as i typically do, i write myself right out off my own blog. i am tight on time but i feel the urge to purge, lol, and it's easier when it's without revision. i promise to keep the misspellings to a tipple, *note, i wasn't sure if was using that word, tipple, correctly, and i need to inform you i am not because it means an alcoholic drink or its drunkard, but it looks good here and as the definition stands corrected, i'm keeping that tipple. again, in the 'real' world where people are reading your writing never ever Ever use a word without meaning. 

Second: the point of this is to write a post a week about my ongoing progress for fiction writing. sort of A: a way to reflect back on my progress B: to create a journey for readers to be able to see how one story was told aka written C: to give me something fruit juicy and creative to write about here on this blog. 

now that that's out of the way...

Photo by Crew on Unsplashed

Photo by Crew on Unsplashed

i need to get back to work on my novel.

i have written a full rough draft, but then i felt like it could have went, the story that is, one of two directions, so i've started rewriting the whole thing in a different direction, which i've got a huge chunk of. the ending is now skewed because of the second draft. and then i wrote about 14 different versions of the opening, all fall in two camps: one feels way too Raold Dahl, love him!, while the other one is more biographical and that bothers me.

i don't want to write a book that is biographical, that's such a cliche. "They" all say that the first book a writer writes is semi-autobiographical, getting rid of all of those spiderwebs so you can clear out and start afresh with creativity. this book sort of is like that, but not really at all

it's a story about a girl. when i was in the 5th grade we did a project where everyone had to interview someone in their family about their family history. my family history is a shit show, so i was not looking forward to this. once i started asking, though, i got access to all of these pictures from when i was a baby and toddler, and that helped me piece together my personal history. i ended up doing this photo album in which i inserted pages where i'd handwritten my life's story up until that point.

by the way, i prophesized i would end up living in the woods in a cabin and i'd have a whole zoo of animals from barnyard pets to show horses. i want to say i said i would end up single, hahaha, but i think i said i'd be married with children, you know how that goes.

so the reason for that backstory is because that is exactly what i am writing about, a girl who lives in a cabin in the woods with animals, albeit the animals i'm writing about are fantasy creatures and all-so-scary and it doesn't end happily ever after at all. 

at around this same period i remember sitting on my front porch as a kid, looking out at the trees with leaves just turning to orange and red, vividly recall this, and thinking that i wanted to write a story. so i went and got my wide ruled sheets and a writing tool, probably one of those with multiple ink cartridges in one pen those are so cool, remember those?

and i swung in the front porch swing looking over into the woods and thinking of the main character of my story. it was a she. and that she is the basis of the character in my story today. i probably wrote about one sentence before going to get my dolls as distractions have always been a vice, and i definitely didn't keep that single sheet and solitary sentence. 

now i'm getting her back through storytelling and it's been an ethereal journey. writing the rough draft, sure i have made it a mess for myself. however, it's got good plotting and some of those good ole tropes fantasy writers are so fond of. i love the story overall. i just have to figure out what to do about those Forest Friendlies and the fantasy/horror world in the woods. 

and that's where i leave you today!

more to continue, as i post weekly progress reports on my progress with writing "In Deep."