Six Word Suicide Note, A Writing Prompt

by Miranda Brumbaugh in

Disclaimer: I don’t have cable or satellite television, so I don’t watch a lot. A few reasons for this:

1. I work from home, and the lure of prime time is too much to handle, even when "nothing is on."

2. I'm cheap or rather I'd prefer to spend my hard earned money on more memorable things like traveling and books...lots of books.

3. So of course for entertainment, I read instead. I’m up to 50 books a year. Couldn't do that if I watched TV till my lids drooped. Books, though, do have a tendency to keep my mind moving long past the midnight hour...which is a hazard of the hobby I guess, if you aren't a night owl. Hoot!

That said, I thought the Game of Thrones sixth season was about to start.

By Ranker

By Ranker

First of all, I was wrong as you GOT lovers know. It happens to the best of us. Turns out season six is not going to air until the spring, in April 2016. Here's the deal. While I do live without TV, my bookish soul makes exceptions and the Thrones is a big one.

In line with my thinking that the Thrones episodes were starting up soon I got on the HBO Now bus. After realizing my sad mistake, I took a look around before hopping off. It turns out there are a few flicks I’d actually like to watch. Some I’ve overlooked altogether; not having commercials will do that to you. Others perked my coffee buzz, including “Last Days.”

In case you weren’t hiding in the same abandoned Unabomber shack that I was, you’ve made your choice 10 years ago regarding this film. Just in case, here’s my take, because yes I did watch it, because no I didn’t hear the harsh reviews that I’m sure followed the opening of this crap shoot.

Watching “Last Days” was like watching a movie on heroin. Not as in the viewer is on heroin, but the movie is on heroin, that’s what it felt like. Jumping back and forth from one person POV to the other, but showing the same scene, with several scenes in between…Following “Blake” who is so obviously “Kurt” as he sneaks around his own house acting like a homeless person , that was the entire movie. It lasted for one and a half hours. That is 90 minutes of my life poofed into oblivion.

Why did I get sucked into this disaster? Reasons:

1. I love weird movies. I just watched “Heaven Knows What,” which surprise, surprise is another movie that follows a heroin addict as they make one bad decision after another. No, I would not recommend or watch that one again, either.

2. I’m writing a book about a girl who may or may not end up be a heroin addict. I’m not sure yet. She’s still developing herself in my mind’s eye. She might be sober, living on love, who knows at this point. I should know, and I'm dying to figure her out, but she's being sneaky and hiding things from me. Eventually, I'll get it out of her. I've got 40,000 words for NaNoWriMo left to do it, and then some.

3. When I was 15 I taped a copy of Kurt Cobain’s suicide letter on my bedroom wall; I was a teenager with angst who was obsessed with rock and roll and death. My foster sisters had posters of Marilyn Manson and KORN so let’s be honest. It went with the décor.

So that 90 minutes is over, obviously since I'm typing this post, and I’m still finding myself thinking about death. Part of it has to do with the amazing Tiny Desk Concert on NPR featuring AURORA.

Note: This is the singer of “Half the World Away,” the first controversial Christmas commercial of the 2015 holiday season. You know the one, with the old guy living on a park bench on the moon?

AURORA manages to bring dystopia to the world of music, and it’s chilly cool. In particular, her track “Murder Song” strikes a solitary note with her spasmic hand gestures and shocked eyes. Theatrical, with a voice enchanted.

So that brings me to the first Writing with M.E. writing prompt. Cheers! Applause! Confetti! Fireworks!

Write a fantasy suicide note in six words. Get creative. What would you say if you had six words left to breathe? You can pretend you are writing it for someone like K. Cobain or another suicidal rocker, or not. The writing desk is yours, leave your line in the comments.