Committing Mass Murder in the First Revision

by Miranda Brumbaugh in ,

Well, that just happened.

Last night as I was reading about magic realism, a genre I fully wish to focus on with my fiction, I had an epiphany.

Half of my characters have to die.

These deaths are bittersweet, considering the research time and plot development that's went into my story. Yet I've had a massive clogging of my creative pipes ever since I introduced the Greek mythological characters of Persephone and Hades into "In Deep."

They just didn't fit in with the Appalachian setting of my main character. Plus, it felt too Percy Jackson to me.

No worries, they are dead now. Well, not wholly six feet under as of yet, as I hope to scavenge traits and personalities from these characters. At the same time, I'm back on the rough draft wagon and feeling nervously optimistic.

Along the lines of magic realism inspiration, I've piled my bedside table with a collection of M.R. lit:

Yes, I have a book collecting problem, brought to light in my recent packing-and-moving adventure.

BUT when you are doing research for a novel and need to read particular books for insight into format and methodology, it helps to have those particular books already on hand on your bookshelf.

Call it a sort of writer's destiny, or fate of the lit spirits, or just a coincidence arriving from my predetermined interest in magic realism. Whatever it is, I'm excited to have killed my cast of characters, as it means that I've found a floodgate to this massive blockage preventing me from working on "In Deep."

Oh, yes. It is so satisfying, murder as it may be.