What Freelance Writers Want to Know About WriterAccess

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WriterAccess is the best place I’ve found to source work for writing. If you are interested in using this site, let me refer you here. Besides my referral I am in no other way getting a benefit from writing this post. Just so you know, it's all me and my writerly opinion.

Goodies for Writers at WriterAccess

After working as a full-time freelance writer since 2009, I've wrote for every site you can name including many that have gone on to the content writing site cemetery. On that note, I'm not the only freelance writer who focuses on web content to say that WriterAccess offers the greatest broker resource for freelancers, and here's why:

  • The editors are easy to work with and completely behind the scenes unlike many content mills that feature overbearing and underexperienced editors, i.e. the comma Nazis at Textbroker.
  • The help desk and administration will do everything they can for the writer and are quick to respond to any concerns or questions, based on my years of full-time writing experience. with WA
  • I’ve called into the Boston office a couple of times with emergencies and the experience was satisfying all around; calls aren’t outsourced to a virtual receptionist in some other part of the world. It’s actually Bah-sten folk whom you work with among the small team of account managers and administrators. Plus they get to know you by name, which is the truffle oil on the popcorn in this Internet age.
  • You have to apply and prove your worth as a writing professional, which culls out the crapsters.
  • Only residents of the US can apply, which reduces the instances that your pay will be undercut by writers of other countries whom are able to profit substantially on the value of the US dollar. They are stringent on this, as I traveled overseas and tried to log into my account in a European internet cafe, and I had to fax over a copy of my valid US driver's license to prove I was a US citizen. They are serious.
Photo by Volkan Olmez via Unsplashed

Photo by Volkan Olmez via Unsplashed

Banking Pay at WriterAccess

Money, which is the main concern for most freelancers, is available at WriterAccess, but you really need to get those 5 and 6 star jobs to make the bank. You can get your rank up by, in this exact order:

  • Scoring high on your entry exam
  • Fleshing out your profile and shining it up knight-like
  • Doing an excellent job on all of your assignments and following your clients’ instructions
  • Not dropping any work because you decide later on you suddenly can’t do it for whatever reason; there is a safeguard for emergency situations for writers you’ll find out about once you are hired
  • Not being late with any assignment; if you do turn something in late you will likely see the assignment disappear from your queue; you do have three one-hour freebies you can use throughout the month for emergency situations
  • Being as polite to your clients as you would if you were interacting with them in person
  • Doing a ton of work and literally working your way up the ranks; I started at Level 4 and within a few years was a Level 6 where I am now
  • Working hard for clients who are apt to give you good reviews and endorsements, which can lead to 5 and 6 star clients offering you solo orders, along with 5 and 6 star casting call recommendations from account managers

Pay rates for writing jobs at WriterAccess run the gamut:

  • Writers at the Level 2 earn as low as 2 cents per word, which works out to about $10 an hour
  • Level 6 writers earn up to 10 cents per word, which is $100 an hour
  • Your pay rate will always depend on the level of research and experience you have with a topic. Writers with experience in fast typing and vast SEO knowledge will always exceed the pay goals of those newbie writers who are just getting started in the business, which is motivation to work hard and be committed to your craft.

If you have any questions or comments about writing for WriterAccess I’d be more than happy to respond in a message or the comments!