The Loquacious Librarian

I am currently attending Northern State University for a South Dakota State Library program titled Library Institute in order to earn certification as a librarian practitioner. This educational route fuses my interest in community development, per my focus with my master's degree in sociology, with the literary world I love to live in as a writer. As a librarian in South Dakota, my job tasks include:

  • Organizing and leading a weekly storytime program in our library Story Lab
  • Leading the Community Book Club hosted monthly
  • Coordinating the summer reading program
  • Maintaining all social media including our library Facebook page and blog
  • Planning and promoting activities including LEGO contests, spa parties, tour of tables, author book signings, Skype interviews with authors, and community library tours for various groups
  • Coordinating library volunteers with special community projects
  • Writing a weekly news column as The Loquacious Librarian, sharing information about the library and literary world

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