Chapter 8  Climbing the Corners From Haints and Hickory Switches

by Miranda Brumbaugh in , ,

“You can be anything you want to be.” He stood there in the summer sun, working under the hood of a heavy duty truck, smell of diesel and dirt and dust from absorbent for oil, the same stuff we used in school to soak up throw up. Sounds of the air compressor kicking on loud and roaring, a baby bird trying to get some sleep up in the sunny corner, across from the tractor-trailer attached to the side and full of fun-filled shelves to climb around in.

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Chapter 6 Winter Tans, Snakes, Silent Night and Mental Hospitals

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The crowds in the pew sang back to him. The more the Pew Running Preacher hotfooted, the more the hum of the audience took off. First one black dress shoe, then the other. Then his socks! 

The barefoot preacher hoofed it across the carpet, never missing a beat, stomping in praise to lead these bacchanalian believers.

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