Chapter 4 An Anonymous God and a Dragon-Dog Named Nabu

by Miranda Brumbaugh in , , ,

Bel stood in front of me, the white fire all gone out. An ash-gray cloak, hood covering his blue crystal curls. He had a Grandfather Gandalf grizzle to him. Cerulean pools for eyes, sharp beak of a nose. Missing a few teeth. Constantly chewed on the end of a stogie. But it was the beard that got me, a greasy lapis lazuli beard grown long. Made from actual clusters of this lustrous blue stone. 

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Chapter 3 Crank Calls and KKK Crosses

by Miranda Brumbaugh in , ,

When the white hoods walked in, the overhanging fluorescent bulbs buzzed flamboyant. Cocksure in their coverings. Concealed completely, no one could make out enough to identify these community members outright. 

Whispers, nudges, grins, and nods coursed through the crowd like salt sinking in white rice. Even if someone knew someone was a clansmen for certain, they would never tell it.

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