Chapter 5 Jezebels and Dingleberries! Staying Out of Hell and Loving Halloween

by Miranda Brumbaugh in ,

In the Deep South, Halloween is as divisive a day as the whole of college football season. You can celebrate, but not too much because this is the Devil’s Day after all. Those who partook in the pagan ritual, well, they would be sucking the teats of Satan come Rapture, which would most likely happen on November 1 at 3 am right when you fall into a candy coma at the Devil’s Hour.

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Chapter 4 An Anonymous God and a Dragon-Dog Named Nabu

by Miranda Brumbaugh in , , ,

Bel stood in front of me, the white fire all gone out. An ash-gray cloak, hood covering his blue crystal curls. He had a Grandfather Gandalf grizzle to him. Cerulean pools for eyes, sharp beak of a nose. Missing a few teeth. Constantly chewed on the end of a stogie. But it was the beard that got me, a greasy lapis lazuli beard grown long. Made from actual clusters of this lustrous blue stone. 

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