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Why should you stick around? I'm taking a new approach to the blogging-by-writers. I'm working on a fiction novel that has been in rough draft form for four years now, but in my head since I was in 5th grade. My goal here is to create a journey where you can follow along in the process. Along the way, to get your pen moving, too, I'm going to post fiction lover interviews, book reviews and how-tos that are focused on, you guessed it, all things not-real-in-writing. So join me on this fiction finders spree, will you?

About M.E. Brumbaugh

First off, a secret to share. M.E. Brumbaugh is the pen name I’ve picked for fiction writing, M.E. being my first and middle, Miranda and Elizabeth. JK Rowling style.

I am a professional writer, meaning I get paid to pen words, but in reality I live to write. I breathe in letters, love their shape and the way they create words worth gold, love, passion and power. When I am not writing words, I am reading them.

I like to read like Orson Welles liked to eat...  

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
Orson Welles

What do I read exactly, besides the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for content inspiration? All things fiction and non. Lots of web content, mainly for my writing and marketing work, but biographies and histories split shelf space with the Kings, Stephen and son, Gaiman, GRRM, Hunter S. and classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and In Cold Blood. Really, an eclectic chaos of genres and authors, constantly book hopping from horror to fantasy to stream of conscious to YA, lots of YA. I worked as a librarian for three years, so you can imagine how that helped my literary reading habit explode like blooming yeast.

And I write even more than I read. In 2017 I reached 3 million words written in my professional writing career. All of these were nonfictional words of online articles, newsletters, press releases, blog posts, business plan proposals, and web site content. I'm working on hitting the 1 million mark in fiction; I'm just shy of 200K, but I'm working steadily at 1,000 words a day as I flex my fiction fingers.

Other things to know: I’m an outdoorsy individual living in South Dakota, transplanted from Northeast Georgia’s foothills. I’m braving the cold with my 8-year-old son whose love keeps my heart from freezing over.

Studied sociology in college, graduated with a master’s of science. Studying the cultures of world throughout history and their insanely diverse religions, languages, foods, social organizations, and socio-economic statuses was quite the preparation for my life as a writer. It makes world building for my fiction writing all the more interesting, to say the least!

Journals, journals, journals. Where to begin? I go pen to paper every single day, one journal for dreams, one journal for quotes in books I’m reading, one journal for crazy thoughts, one journal for words new to my lexicon, and several journals to accompany fiction writing projects of the present moment. I'm also getting in way over my head with the world of plan-corating, my personal term for planner decorating. Washi tape rolls, glue sticks and stickers give me a reason to want to plan out my busy days of content writing and fiction mayhem. Sticking a motivational quote, a glitterized owl or a bright colored paper feather in my planner? Yes please. Count me in. 

But as much as paper writing means to me, it lacks the social element of blogging. That’s where Writing with M.E. comes into play. Here I post all things writing in my life as I tease out of my fictional, to you, characters.

Thanks for reading Writing with M.E.! I look forward to writing fiction with you!

Professional Places I've Been Published

Content writer for Randall-Reilly's trucking market since Jan. 2015, writing copy for trucker recruiting sites along with weekly newsletters for truck drivers

Matador Network with "16 Things You Didn't Know About South Dakota" sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Tourism

Raindrop Travel Magazine as the feature writer *now defunct

European tour ideas and US traveler's tips for USA Today

Travel article for Banderas News in Puerto Vallarta, MX

Professional writing tips for web content creation and online marketing on the WriterAccess blog

A weekly column for The Platte Enterprise as the Loquacious Librarian

Charles Mix County News for publicity for the Platte Public Library

2013 Speaker for Big Talk from Small Libraries via the Nebraska Library Commission

Served as online community manager and web content writer for Sociology.com *now defunct

As a web content creator I have ghostwritten thousands of webpages, blogs and articles; some of the content created to my name includes:

Midway Simplicity

Creative Bug

AZ Central