You Want to Be a Blogger?

by Miranda Brumbaugh in ,

Now that I've reemerged from a blog coma, I'm posting and sharing and peeking the interest of friends who also want to blog. So in that light I thought I'd create a series of posts for those curious about starting up a blogging. This is the first in that series. Return on the reg to keep up with this how to blog mini-course.

Step 1: Personal or Profit or People

Is your blog going to be for your-eyes-only, or do you dream of making a living off of blogging?

Are you looking for a way to create a community online so you can converse with like minds about topics that interest you?

Do you want to expand your fan base, i.e. artists, writers and musicians?

Before you begin setting up your blog, you need to determine:

  • Why you want to blog
  • Who you want to read your blog
  • What to expect to gain from blogging

Doing this at the onset will save you lots of time that could be spent......blogging!

Let's Get Personal

Some people want to blog just for friends and family, while blocking strangers from viewing their personal stories, family photos and videos. Other people, such as a full-time RV'er I met at the library this week who blogs so loved ones back home can follow along virtually, blog about a passion, hobby or special interest. Typically these bloggers have little to no intention of bankrolling their blog from the get-go. Of course, if these bloggers develop a following they may change their tune and focus later in the game. This, however, is just the beginning, so let's not get overwhelmed here.

The Business of Blogging

When I say making a living with blogging, this applies to:

  • Earning ad revenue through pay-per-click ads
  • Selling services or products in an online store
  • Promoting your business to increase your online audience and visibility

For marketing, you will need to do more than blog. Sharing via social media is a must, and this means more than just sharing your posts on Facebook. Words like "SEO" and "long-tail keywords" will become part of your small talk. Understanding mobile optimization, online marketing, and how to write blog posts that will suck readers in are part and parcel to blogging for profit.

The Blogger Community

Individuals who want to attract attention of others can do so with blogs. This form of blogging could be for a homeschooling parent hoping to reach out to other homeschool families or photographers hoping to share their images with potential clients. The goal here isn't to make money, but to create a community of followers, readers and fans who frequently visit and comment on your blog posts. These connections are based on one of two things:

  • Followers are interested in making online friends
  • Followers expect to gain something from your blog, such as advice, inspiration or services

Next time here at the Writer's Journal I will branch off and focus on personal blogging first, followed by business blogging and community blogging. I'd be remiss if I didn't add that for anyone starting, continuing or growing a blog, whether for business or pleasure, you could avoid any hassle by hiring a professional, ahem.

Until tomorrow,

Miranda Brumbaugh