WRiting With mE Brumbaugh

Do you ever visit a website and think, “I could do better than that” or “They should have did A, B, and C instead of this?” Then you might be a web content writer.

Have you ever wrote a blog post for yourself or for someone else? Then you are a web content writer.

Are you looking for a solid way to earn a living as a writer, while you work on your novel that is taking you far more years than you ever expected? Being a web writer provides you with a paycheck as you hone your spelling, grammar, phonetics, and writing confident.

So you want to be a web content writer. Where do you go next? Writing With ME is a resource of information, advice and community networking to help you get started with this wonderful freelance career. 

Who am I to talk? 

As a content writer since 2009, I have written more than 4 million paid words and I’m not slowing down any time soon. When I first set my sights on being a freelance writer I wrote down a financial goal--$50,000 a year. I exceeded that money marker in 2015. My new goal is to earn six figures which I'm on target for in 2018.

But my first month? I earned a measily $50. I know, from professional experience, how to start out from scratch with nothing more than the internet and a computer to develop a growing web content writing business as a freelancer. And now I want to give back to the web content writer community and help others find their own success.

Over the years I’ve been asked countless times about how to get started with writing online. I’ve sat down with entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and college students and talked at a rapid-fire pace about how to start this type of career. I’ve even thought about setting up a workshop for people locally who want to learn more about being a web content writer. 

But I’m good at writing, not speaking to large groups of people. That introverted personality is what got me in this industry to begin with. So it makes sense to set up Writing With ME where I give you the information you need to start a web content writing career of your own and make it thrive. By the way, ME refers to me, Miranda Elizabeth.

What I offer:

  • More advice on becoming a freelance web content writer than you realized you need

  • Unsolicited reviews of web content brokers, content mills, writing job search sites, and anywhere else online that hires freelance web content writers

  • Resource information including book reviews, online learning platforms, web content news, software, tools, and whatever else I come across that can benefit you


Hire ME Brumbaugh For Your Content Writing Goals

If you are a business searching for web content, I am available for new projects and interested in working for you. 

Learn more about my work history and writing style with these clips and samples. You can also check out the Web Content Writing Information where I provide free, relevant information about web content writing.

Whether you are just getting started with web marketing and content for your business, or you have a clear understanding of your content needs, I will join you in your journey and add content marketing value to your business.

Contact me today to request additional information or to receive a quote for web content writing services.