Cartel Conundrums

by Miranda Brumbaugh in ,

I'm researching Mexican drug cartels for my novel, let's just get that out there now. So that all of you cartel cusses are fully aware, no secrets here. Because I have learned, in this research, that people who use social media to denounce cartels and their messed up ways end up hanging from bridges. 


Let me reiterate.

I am doing research. I am not denouncing you freaks. I am not supporting your ways either, but this murdering of social media sharers reminds me of some jihadist junk when death threats are sent to those mouthing 'Mohammed,' leading to the craze of Everybody Draw a Mohammed Day. Anyone else seeing some spookish similarities here?

Someone said, when mentioning Mexico in line with my story, that they wouldn't go near there, and I was immediately offended.

Why not go, it would be fine, all we here is the negative, the bad press, the murders in small batches. 

Then I read the number of cartel related deaths in 2006 in Mexico was about 62. That was the last year I was in Mexico. Yes, there was a slight concern from loved ones. But back then the deaths were isolated near the Norte, and I stayed near Mexico City, still slightly scary but not a cause for total withdrawal of all travel dreams to the Southern Sun. 

The next year the death total increased and it has every year since, leaving nearly 100,000 dead in the last nine years. And these deaths aren't just simple shootings of fellow carteles.

14-year-old American cum cartele on a beheading spree

Mass graves of locals refusing to serve as drug mules

Bags of human heads found near elementary schools

These are what has become of the cartels who once ravaged Columbia and are closer to our country than ever before. Today 90% of the cocaine coming into the homes of American coke heads come from our bordering southern neighbor, you guessed it, Mexico. Pablo must be dying laughing from behind his death shade.

No wonder kids and families and innocents are dying to get across American fences.  

But let me repeat. Just doing research.